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Computers - Keyboarding

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Dance Mat Typing

Spider Typing Grades (K+)

Keyboard Climber

Balloon Typing (Grades K-2)

Airplane Typing (Grades 1+)

Chameleon Game (Grades 2+)

Paratrooper Sheep (K-2)
Typing Chef (Grades 2+)
Keyboarding Practice Typing with Booker Type Online
Krazy Keyboarding for Kids Typing with Carmen Sense-Lang
Barracuda Typing with Burton Computer Circus Typing Exercises
WordMeister Typing with Dwayne Fun School Type Me
Peter's Online Typing Course
Typing with Yasmin
Power Typing
Typing with Katie
Keyboarding Practice
Typing Test Type Type Revolution Black Dog's Typing Test
  Caillou's Magic Keyboard Free Typing Games
Learn to Type (sign-up)
Collection of Keyboard Sites