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Directions Below


• Use the arrows on the side of the "parts windows" to scroll and see other parts to choose from.

• Click on a part to add it to your beast. To change that part, just click on a different one and it will substitute.

• Click "Build a new Beast" to reset the game and start over.

• You can read a clue about the animals' body parts in the window when you move your cursor over the part. Look there for clues to the proper habitat for your beast.

• When you build a beast with all the right parts and place it in the right habitat, you'll get "Congratulations," and a little more info about that animal. There are parts to build six real animals from both the savanna and woodlands.

• Tails are the hardest thing to match. If you aren't able to build a whole, real beast, try switching tails and habitats.