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Owls are nocturnal hunting birds with eyes that face forwards. They are closely related to hawks. Owls sleep during the day and emerge at night to hunt small prey.

There are about 162 different species of owls alive today, inhabiting a huge variety of ecological niches, from rainforests to tundra.

Owls have a large head and large eyes that face forwards (unlike other birds, whose eyes are on the sides of their head). This eye placement gives them binocular vision and very precise depth perception. Also, there are circles of radiating feathers surrounding each eye, giving them a wide-eyed, alert look.

Owls cannot move their eyes within their sockets like we can. In order to look around, they have to move their entire head, which has a range of movement of about 270.

Some owls have feathered ear tufts; these are not ears, but are part of the owl's camouflage.

Many owls have thick feathers that absorb the sounds that their wings make in flight.

Prey and Hunting
Owls are carnivores that hunt during the night (they are nocturnal). They use their keen sense of sight to find prey in the dark (owls see mostly in black and white). They have an acute sense of hearing which also helps in finding meals. Owls are stealth hunters, they can easily sneak up on their prey since their fluffy feathers give them almost silent flight.

Owls have two methods of hunting
Owls hunt and eat rodents, insects, frogs, and birds. The owl is at the top of the food web; it has no major predators.

Owls eat smaller prey whole and larger prey in chunks. They eliminate the inedible parts (like hair, feathers, insect exoskeletons, and bone) in oval-shaped pellets.

Habitat and Range
Owls are found worldwide in a huge range of habitats from rainforests to grasslands to wooded areas to tundra.


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Great Horned Owl

A large bird of prey from North and South America.


Owls are nocturnal hunters with eyes that face forwards.

Snowy Owl

A white owl that lives in the North American tundra.

Spotted Owl

A nocturnal hunter from the Pacific coast of North America.
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