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Polar Animals

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Miss Stevens' Arctic Animals Site



A: Arctic Wildlife

1: Enchanted Learning Antarctica

B: Polar Pairs Matching Game

2: Enchanted Learning Antarctica 2

C: Animals of the Arctic

3: Enchanted Learning Antarctica 3

D: Polar Cam at San Diego Zoo

E: Polar Bears Alive  (Click Polar Cam Highlights)

F: Polar Bear Videos 1

4: Animals All Across Antarctica

G: Arctic Animal Puzzles

5: More Animals of the South Pole

H: Cool Animations of Glaciers

6: Penguin Pictures

I: Search United Streaming for Videos

7: Listen to the Penguins (move mouse over pictures)

K: Polar Bears at National Geographic

8: Penguin Cam at Monterey Bay Aquarium

L: Glacier Bay Virtual Field Trip -- Local

9: Penguin Feeding Movies

10: Virtual Photos (move mouse over pictures)

BrainPop Arctic Habitat