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Colonial Towns


Colonial House
PBS Show Spring 2004. Explore these pages to learn about the project -- and check in for new features on the colonists and the colony every month!


Colonial Williamsburg
Be history explorer. Meet the people and experience colonial life in early America.


Old Sturbridge Village Kids Club
Crafts, puzzles and games to enjoy online. A club with a newsletter you can join for a small fee.


Virtual Jamestown
Loads of original resources making this a site for advanced students and folks researching their family history.





Education For Boys and Girls
The primary education of upper class children in colonial days included reading, writing, simple math, poems, and prayers. Paper and textbooks were scarce so boys and girls recited their lesssons until they memorized them.


Life in Colonial Times
Children were homeschooled unless their parents were seen as unfit, and only then were the children taken from the home to be apprenticed elsewhere.


Schooling, Education, and Literacy,  In Colonial America
See a real Hornbook and New England Primer. See a view of the Dame School. Link into even more information about early schools, educational material, and laws.



Games & Toys


Apple Dolls
Apple Dolls are folk dolls originating from early rural America when settlers made dolls from whatever was at hand. Apple dolls are made by carving a face in an apple and drying it. Due to the different effects drying produces, no two dolls are alike.


Colonial Children's Leisure Time and Games
One popular outdoor game was rolling the hoop. Another fun game was nine pins, which is similar to bowling. Children had sack races and played tag, quoits, marbles, hopscotch, leapfrog, and Blindman's Buff.


Early American History Interactive Crossword Puzzle
Here's your chance to test your knowledge of early American history.


How to make a Whirligig
This 18th century toy is easy to make and endless fun if your nintendo is broken down.




Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Cranberries
Not only did Native Americans teach European settlers to enjoy the wild turkey meat, they also showed them that the cranberry's tart nature could be sweetened by boiling and adding maple syrup.


The First Independence Day
Joshua and Laurie used dried strawberries and fresh blueberries to make what they called their "Independence Day shortcake," Joshua made nut sweetmeats, and all the children helped pick the blueberries.


The History of Maple Syrup in America
Like the Indians, from whom they learned the art, the first settlers gashed the trees, collected and boiled the sap, and made their own sugar in their own back yards.


Preparing Snacks Using Colonial Recipes
Here are the cookie recipes that we use in the Hands on History Workshops. These are adapted from colonial recipes.