Lewis & Clark




Discovering Lewis & Clark
The centerpiece of Discovering Lewis and Clark® is a nineteen-part synopsis of the expedition's story by historian Harry W. Fritz, illustrated with selections from the journals of the expedition, photographs, maps, animated graphics, moving pictures, and sound files.


Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark
Wild rivers. Rugged mountains. An unknown continent to explore. This great American expedition will face them all. And they need your help on this incredible adventure. National Geographic.


Historic Steps of Lewis & Clark
You'll face six major decisions that affected the outcome of the Lewis and Clark' expedition. Choose the right answers and you'll reach the end of the trail where you can register for a prize. US Weekend.


Lewis & Clark: Interactive Journey Log
When Thomas Jefferson dispatched Lewis and Clark to find a water route across North America and explore the uncharted West, he expected they'd encounter woolly mammoths, erupting volcanoes, and a mountain of pure salt. What they found was no less surprising. National Geographic.


Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery
Think you can lead the Lewis and Clark expedition? An excellent site to help you discover the west along with Lewis & Clark. PBS.


Lewis and Clark Expedition Web Cam Site
Web cam and photographs of the Traverlers' Rest area of Montana, including Lolo Peak, a culturally scarred tree, and the Bitterroot River.





From captive to Indian interpreter to a true American legend. Slow-loading 19th century photos, original documents, and text from Expedition logs are worth your wait! By Bonnie "Spirit Wind-Walker" Butterfield (Cherokee/Mohawk/Dutch)


From her tribe's point of view, the Lemhi Shoshone. Banished from their homeland in 1907 and seeking to return ever since, the Sacajawea's people the Lemhi-Shoshone create a dilemma for the nation.





Letter from President Thomas Jefferson
"To Meriwether Lewis, esquire, captain of the first regiment of infantry of the United States of America..." Site includes journal entries.


Field Trips


Follow in the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark
The Sierra Club takes you on a virtual field trip of the regions explored by Lewis & Clark.


Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail
Most of the trail follows the Missouri & Columbia Rivers. Much has changed in 200 years but trail portions remain intact.


Travelers' Rest State Park
At this place, Old Toby instructed them to rest themselves and their horses and to make preparations for the difficult mountain crossing ahead.