“Along the Line”

A 5th Grade Geography Research & Technology Project By

Cristin Rioux and Karen Briggs

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Purpose:  The purpose of this project is to compare two world locations that fall on the same line of latitude. What conclusions can you draw based on your research? This project will be done both in the classroom and during computer time.




  1. You will be assigned a line of latitude.
  2. You will select a location within North America on that line of latitude.
  3. You will select a location on another continent, other than North America, on that same line of latitude.
  4. You will then do research on both of the locations. You will be using some of The Five Themes of Geography to look at the climate, physical features, and culture.
  5. The research will be recorded on the sheets given to you by the teacher. Research will take place both in the computer lab and in the classroom.
  6. You will keep track of all sources and create a bibliography.
  7. You will complete a Venn Diagram comparing the two locations for each theme.
  8. You will write a one page summary of what you learned about both locations; the similarities and differences between them.
  9. You will create a PowerPoint presentation based on your two locations and your research.



YOUR NAME  _______________________________________


Line of Latitude ______________________________________________


North America Location _______________________________________


Other Continent Location ______________________________________


Research Due Date ______________________________


Summary Due Date ______________________________


PowerPoint Presentation Due Date ____________________