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Children must always be supervised when using search engines.



About WikiPedia

WikiPedia is a huge collection of knowledge that anyone can contribute to. Most articles are accurate but not all can be trusted. You should always check information with other sources (the good thing is that links to other sites are at the bottom of most Wikipedia pages). Wikipedia is very good at organizing information.


Yahoo Kids (Yahooligans)

Marvel! Maine Virtual Library
Kids Web

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Animal Diversity Web

Web Guides & Search Engines for Kids

Berit's Best Sites - directory of kids' web sites maintained by Berit Erickson

100 Top Kid Sites - 100 Hand Picked Top Kid Sites

K.E.W.L. - Kids Excellent Web Links

KidGrid - selected sites

KidsClick - web directory by a bunch of librarians

KidsKonnect - web directory maintained by educators

Linkasaurus - "official" kids sites

Picadome Elementary - selected curriculum research links


Specialized Searches for Kids

The Amazing Picture Machine - pictures of all types

Animal Diversity Web - animal database

Art Kids Rule - searches for arts and crafts sites

Book Reviews by Kids - searches the World of Reading site

BlackDog - searches the BlackDog site

Crayola - searches the Crayola site

CraftFinder - finds arts and crafts - searches the Disney and sites

Education World - education-specific links

Electronic Zoo - NetVet (Veterinary) and the Electronic Zoo

Enchanted Learning - searches the Enchanted Learning site

FactMonster- On-Line Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help

FEMA for Kids - searches the Federal Emergency Management Agency kid's site

Girl Power! - searches the Girl Power! Campaign site

IvyJoy - searches the Ivy's Domain site

Law for Kids - searches the Law for Kids site

MadSciNet - searches the MadSciNet The 24-hour exploding laboratory site

National Geographic - searches the National Geographic site

Neuroscience for Kids - searches the Neuroscience for Kids site

PBS - searches the Public Broadcasting Service site

PBS Kids - searches the PBS Kids site

Pics4Learning - searches photographic library collection

Scholastic - searches the Scholastic site

Scientific American - searches the Scientific American site

Surfing the Net with Kids - searches the Surfing the Net with Kids site

SI Search - searches the Smithsonian Institution site

TerraWeb - searches the USGS TerraWeb for Kids site

ThinkQuest Library - student-authored topics

Tukids - shareware software - tutorials, guides & instructionally oriented websites

World Kids Network - searches the World Kids Network site