Articles Appearing in the New York Times

Dear Teachers,

I located these articles online from a university library. I also have paper copies of the articles which appeared in the local daily Portand, Maine paper but have not scanned them. If you decide to search ( or have students search) for these primary source materials, please forward them to me so I can include them on Donn's website.

When I used to do a "Donn Fendler" part of my COURAGE unit in 4th and 5th grade, I would read aloud the headlines and stories, then I would read the book which, as you know, is broken into chapters, one for each day Donn was lost. The kids loved knowing what the outside world was thinking while Donn told his first-person account for the same day. I would often ask them to speculate as to what might appear in the paper for a particular day before I read it to them.

I present all of the articles references in the New York Times during this period

John Thurlow, Scarborough, Maine




PDF Files

Donn-NY-Times-02- Lost 2 Days - Reported July 19 1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-03- Lost 3 Days - Reported July-20-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-04- Lost 4 Days - Reported July-21-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-05- Lost 5 Days - Reported July-22-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-06- Lost 6 Days - Reported July-23-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-07- Lost 7 Days - Reported July-24-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-08- No Article... Was it an old story by now?
Donn-NY-Times-09- Found Alive - Front Page NY Times July-26-1939 Front Page.jpg
Donn-NY-Times-09- More Reporting NY Times July-26a-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-10- Hometown Rejoices - Reported July-26-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-11- Day After - Mom Meets Boy -July-27-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-12- He Didn't Give Up Editorial Ny Times - July-28-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-13- Summary of Story in NY Times July-30-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-14- Scouts Honor Donn - July-30a-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-15- Wood Field and Stream in NY Times July-31-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-21- Donn Made a Maine Guide - August-03-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-22- Thanks Millinocket August 1 Repored August-02-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-23- Donn Returns to Baxter Park - August-31-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-23- Rye NY to Honor Donn - Sept-10-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-24- Donn Meets Roosevelt- Front Page NY Times Oct-16-1940-FDR-front-page.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-24- Donn Meets Roosevelt- Front Page NY Times Oct-16-1940-FDR-photo.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-25- Day in Washington - Donn Meets Roosevelt- NY Times Oct-16-1940.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-26- Tribute From Newspaper Oct-17-1940-Tribute-.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-27- Donn Exchanges Autographs with Presidents Roosevelt- Book Finished- Reported Oct-23-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-28- Full Front Page- Locate Mention - Oct-23-1939-Front Page.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-29- Red Cross Guest of Honor - Nov-17-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-30- Book Published - Appears in New Books Section of NY Times - Nov-19-1939.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-33- Newman Club NY Honors Donn Dec-14-1940.2.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-35- Newman Club NY Honors Donn Dec-14-1940.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-40- Donn Honored by National Sportsmen Feb-22-1940.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-40- Donn Received Legion Medal - Oct-11-1940.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-45- Apr-15-1940 Catholic Women Give Award.pdf
Donn-NY-Times-53- Bloodhound Retired Who Searched for Donn Feb-21-1941-Dog.pdf