Parking Lot Simulation


A group of citizens lined up cars on what is still the PUBLIC ROAD for a photograph.

The discontinuance and deeds had not been finalized when this photo was taken July 29, 2009.

This is where the "new" motel parking lot will based on the plan below designed by the Town Engineer Jim Wendel.

This Parking Simulation was to prove the significant loss of public views Town Manager Hall's "deed restrictions" purport to preserve (see deed restrictions below). Consider that a 4 foot wall could be placed across this road, combined with cars, vans, RV's, etc., and common sense dictates that Deed Restriction Number 1 is absurd.

Notice Deed Restriction Number 4 (scroll down). The "intertidal zone" is the area of the shore between the low water and high water marks. Imagine language in the deed to the Trumans which prohibit them from installing a fence or barricade UNDER WATER!

It is reported that the motel owners sent an e-mail to the Town in which this legitimate attempt to expose the ineffectiveness of the restrictions was carried on by a "cult." The message was reportedly circulated to the Town Council, and in one exchange a member of the Council suggested the citizens should have all been arrested. A request for these emails will be made as they are public records.

This is yet another attempt to discredit residents who are simply trying to point out the features of this plan which make it a bad plan for the Town of Scarborough. Below are the instructions citizens were given to avoid disrupting the public or the guests.