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May 18, 2006



John Doe

123 Woodspell Rd

Scarborough, ME  04074



Dear John,


As always we continue to practice open communication with all parties having an interest in our proposed development at the end of the Pine Point Road, with that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date with our progress toward designing a subdivision plan that is acceptable to all.


The following is a summary of events that have taken place from February of this year until now


-Feb. 15, 2006-                   We mailed correspondence to 87 abutters in order to introduce them to our project.


-Feb– Mar. 2006-    We had several meetings with abutters and the Lighthouse Steering Committee.


-March 15, 2006-     We had our first neighborhood meeting with over 100 people in attendance.


-April 2, 2006-                    We met at the site of the proposed Subdivision with our closest abutters and discussed

                                the placement of building envelopes and view corridors (bamboo project).


-April 3, 2006-                    We were in front of the Scarborough Planning Board with our Conceptual Plan.  The

                                members of the board asked us to make changes to our plan before granting Conceptual



-April 2006-             We redesigned our proposed subdivision plan, specifically the road and the placement

                                of the building envelopes for Lots 6-9, so as to move them behind the concrete wall that

                                that currently exists at the seaward end of the old parking lot.


-April 24, 2006-       We met the members of the Scarborough Planning Board at the site of the proposed

                                development.  We staked and taped off the areas of the subdivision that we had changed

                                to show the Planning Board Members the changes that they had requested.  The planning board

                                members approved of the changes we had made, and granted conceptual approval without the

                                necessity of our attending the meeting that evening.


-April 2006-            We had several discussions, in person and via telephone, with representatives of the

                                Pine Point Residents Group regarding the future of the Pine Point Road adjacent

                                to our proposed project.  These discussions reinforced our companies desire to look at design

                                options for our subdivision that would offer an aesthetic element to be enjoyed by the Pine Point                                Community for years to come.





-May 8-12, 2006-        We worked with the Town of Scarborough on a plan for our Company to accomplish the



·         Provide a sidewalk from E. Grand Avenue to the entrance to our subdivision to provide safer access along this stretch of Pine Point Road.

·         To deed open space to the town which will become a landscaped area, which will be professionally landscaped by our company.  If the Town and the neighborhood should so desire, this land may be used in the future for other uses as the Town and Neighborhood sees fit.

·         To provide common open space access to the Town of Scarborough across the beach area in front of our subdivision.



-May 16, 2006-                       We met with the representatives of the Pine Point Resident’s Group and offered our updated

                                    plan.  Our plan was a result of the work that we had accomplished with the Town of

                                    Scarborough, and members of the Pine Point Community.  The representatives of the

                                    Resident’s Group expressed their gratitude toward our Company’s efforts to date, and will

                                    continue to discuss our progress with the other members of their group. 


The following is a schedule of events as we move forward


-June 5, 2006-             We are scheduled to be in front of the Scarborough Planning Board seeking Preliminary

                                    Approval for our plan.


-June 7, 2006-             We will be holding our 2nd Neighborhood meeting for the Pine Point Residents of

                                    Scarborough at the Blue Point Primary School on Pine Point Road at 7:00pm. 


-June 26, 2006-                       Be it that we receive Preliminary Approval on June 5, 2006, we hope to be in front of the

                                    Scarborough Planning Board for Final Approval.


-October 2006-                       As a courtesy to the residents of Pine Point, we will not start construction of the project until                             after October 1, 2006.


Enclosed you will find a copy of the most recent Subdivision Plan, dated May 18, 2006, outlining the many changes that we have made as a result of feedback from the Scarborough Community.  We will discuss these changes in more detail at the upcoming Neighborhood Meeting being held on June 7, 2006 at 7:00pm, at the Blue Point Primary School.  If you would like to attend this Neighborhood Meeting we ask that you call us to ensure that you will have a seat, as the last meeting was attended by over 100 people, some of whom had to stand.


Additionally, if you would like to contact us for any other reason please feel free to call us.  We can be reached at (207) 363-0681, ext. 5.





Paul C. Hollis-President

Coastal Property & First Step Land Development