To the Residents Group and Others on the Pine Point Mailing List
Update May 19, 2006

Here is some news.  More information can be found at


Mr. Hollis held a site visit with Planning Board members two weeks ago.  He now goes before the Board for preliminary approval.  Mr. Hollis met with us so we could update the group and we’ve learned the following:

We asked Mr. Hollis about his intention to hold another neighborhood meeting.  His letter of March 16th indicated that he will be presenting the proposed covenants, restrictions, landscaping plan and other information.  He indicated that he will be scheduling this in June, soon after his next hearing with the Planning Board.  At that time, he will outline all of the changes since his first proposal and seek public input.  He has invited us to participate regarding our work on the Special Town Council Committee and we have agreed.

A letter is being mailed from Paul Hollis to his mailing list this weekend.  We will also forward a copy of it to our e-mail list as a courtesy.

You should know that the next step with the Planning Board is “Preliminary Approval” not final approval.  Final approval could come on June 26th, the next scheduled Planning Board meeting.  We will keep you informed.

We would also like to hold a meeting of the Residents Group so we can review the Committee process with you and answer questions about where the hotel conversion stands, the turnaround and open space concepts, and other issues.  The Residents Group may wish to revise and adopt new positions on a number of issues.  As you know, we have not taken any public position on your behalf regarding the Hollis subdivision because you have not authorized that.  We have been guided only by what we voted on last August.  The Residents Group may wish to adopt a position on that plan and the Barrier Alternative Plan (below).

WE HAVE SCHEDULED WED. JUNE 21st at 7:00, ENGINE 4 FIRE STATION for a meeting of the Residents Group.  
(we can’t use Blue Point School in the summer, but will meet downstairs in the fire station for handicap accessibility)


When the Town Manager concluded the Special Committee last month, we asked about the plans for the barriers at the hotel.  He indicated to us that he told the hotel owners that the Town would be taking care of those from now on.  We asked if we could propose some ideas for an alternative to those barriers, since they have been a major concern for many years, and he agreed.  The long-held belief that there was a town ordinance which required these barriers was found to be false.  We submitted ideas (which we previously posted on the web site) and Mr. Owens liked some of the ideas and agreed to pass them along to the town engineers.  In a recent e-mail, Mr. Owens said he is working on a concept and hopes to have a definitive plan to us to share with the group, so please be on the lookout for that.  Something will be done by the end of May or first week in June, he stated.


It’s been a long process, but as we look back we feel that we have accomplished the following:


Mr. Hollis will be before the Planning Board on June 5th.  You can see the agenda on the Town Web site.

Mr. Hollis has notified us of a second public meeting  about his plans at Blue Point School) on June 7th at 7:00

We are calling a meeting of the Residents Group to update everyone and consider new Group positions. New members are welcome!  

June 26th is the Next Planning Board Meeting

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

John, Jack, Judy