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To: Pine Point Residents Association; Harold Hutchinson
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Subject: RE: Spam: Committee and Budget


Please see my responses below:


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From: Pine Point Residents Association [mailto:Pine-Point-Beach@maine.rr.com]
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 10:16 PM
To: Thomas Hall; Harold Hutchinson
Cc: Joe DeGrinney ; Judy Shirk ; 'Sue Perrino '; Judy Mushial ; John Thurlow ; Elaine Richer
Subject: Spam: Committee and Budget


Dear Mr. Hall,


Jack Callahan passed along your message about a committee for the Depot Street project. Thank you.  He is on vacation and asked that the Association consider the opportunity. Could you please reply to us on a few questions about this so we can reply?


We understand you are looking for two or three individuals to serve? Do you want one or more representatives from the Association? 

In the interest of time and efficiency, I would like to assemble a small working group to assist staff in the design details for the improvement of the Town-owned land.   For our own purposes related to the land exchange, staff has identified at least two options that can be considered.  Beyond the basic conceptual design, there are important decisions regarding construction materials, aesthetics and amenities that must be considered. 

Jack indicated the budget of $170,000 for the road reconstruction project was found to be overestimated, and there may be $30,000 the town could allocate to the project. Will that be the budget?

The preliminary cost estimates for the work contemplated by the Committee (for the section of Pine Point Road from East Grand to Kind Street) was $170,000 and we were able to secure an $85,000 CDBG grant, with the other $85,000 secured in the budget.  In preparation for completing the final design and preparing for bidding, we have recently reconsidered the probable construction costs and now believe that the project is likely to come in around $140,000.  Although the Town Council will have to approve the use of these funds I offered it as a funding option as there was understandable concern for how the improvements will be completed.  To be clear, we will not know of the available funds until we have bids.  We are performing final design currently and expect to bid the project by mid-September.  In the meantime, I would like to finalize the design for the beach access and ideally fold this additional work into the project if time and funding allow.

Would you want the group to work toward a proposal for the Council’s meeting in August?

That timeline would be ideal, but over-optimistic.  If we can complete conceptual design by mid-September it should be fine.  With a preferred design, we can cost of the proposal, identify and secure funding with the Town Council and be in a position to perform the work late Fall/early winter in combination with the other work.

What would be the composition of the committee?

I would think that one or two members from the Association (the neighborhood generally), along with a representative from Beachwalk (presumably John Wiggins) would serve the purpose of ensuring that local input and perspective is include in the design phase.  Normally, I would involve the abutters in such an effort, but I do not intend to involve the Truman’s (although I will certainly share the results with them)  - I will make the attempt to involve the immediate abutter in Beachwalk (the new home under construction) as they will be obviously impact by any design.  As is our practice with “neighborhood” projects, once we have a preferred design we would make an effort to share the information with a larger audience – we had great success with this approach recently in Higgins Beach, Green Acres (Maple Avenue) and the Hillside drainage project. 

Thank you for the opportunity. We will share your information and get right back to you. Jack is away on vacation.



Representatives of the Association:


Joe DeGrinney, Judy Shirk, Sue Perrino, Judy Mushial, John Thurlow, Harold Hutchinson, Elaine Richer



I look forward to hearing from you next week and getting this process underway.  Tom






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